“” = Fill in the “quotes”

Just something everyone could to relate to

So, I’m back ….after my 4-day hiatus from blogging…my most glamorous career choice …so far ..is not so glamorous  after all.When you have to spend 2 hrs to think about what to write.

Anyways, enough about me. Let’s start with the issue at hand today : “”. These double quotes hold a vast variety of emotions which can’t be summed up into a word.Let me spell out for you what am I feeling today:

  1. Happiness felt after  reading a beloved book today.
  2. Anxious about the future & what it beholds.
  3. Sad/unhappy that comes from being away from your loved ones.
  4. Feeling proud/independent for making it on your own
  5. sense of no belonging to the work place.

&  most of all , the toughest choice to make..What to eat for dinner? Whether to cook or order? If cooking what would take less time & be tasty too? Also, if cooking’s involved, who’ll do the dishes? On the  other hand, if food is ordered,that saves us the chore of doing the dishes! So, let’s order in!!! Suddenly Ellie Goulding’s Love me like you do lyrics comes to our minds….”WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?”

But wait…there’s more.

We have to decide what to order ? Chinese, Italian,Mexican….Pizza, Burger..Chinese seems more suitable option considering we eat it 4-5 times a week. But sure, let’s try to skip it…okay pasta then …though spaghetti seems a long lost sister of noodles who has been tossed with cheese , white sauce & oregano instead of soya sauce & garlic. So, let’s move on… may be pizza…Cheese burst with cheese oozing out or wheat thin crust with low fat cheese…As tempting as it sounds, it’s almost end of month..little low on cash…lets go for something that goes easy on the pocket.I don’t know how many of you have heard of “Maggi”.If any indians reading this post out there , they might be able to relate to this.comfort food , almost indispensable to youngsters living in hostels.For others, it might be the first cousin of Top Ramen noodles.I hope it’s clear now 🙂 .

So, after all the calculations & strategics, we finally have dinner.If only one could notice the irony of the situation : all the planning for dinner took 2 hrs & dinner was ready in 2 minutes!!! like literally..

I guess , we can call that’s life..We plan something..& we get something entirely else..So how to make most of the situation : When life gives you lemons, find someone who has Vodka & PARTY!!!!!

That’s all folks………


Start from nowhere…

Hi There,

I’m an average 24 yr old…sitting in a shared auto (fondly known as “tam-tam”)…travelling to her “office” & wondering ..”What the hell I am doing with my life ?”.

I’m sure that thought crosses the mind of pretty much everyone who is stuck in this same monotonous schedule as me. Then, while sitting , suddenly a thought pops up , “What if  I start writing about it ? May be it’ll help”. Thus, begins a chain reaction of thoughts where I from I starting a successful blog(mind you , it has to become successful right away ‘cos I’m an ambitious & overachiever dreamer, not to forget “lazy”  ) traverses to becoming successful author(yeah, that’s right!) . Of course, this escape from reality lasts only for 15 mins as I have reached my workplace. Then, all is forgotten about this day dream as I’m “busy”(as per my skype status) for next 9 hrs & completely devoted to my work.

So, after a busy day, when i return home especially on a friday , the last thing i wa nt to do is sit in front of a laptop & write (since that’s what i had been doing all day). However, today being a weekend, I decided to give a shot to my day dream. This is my FIRST POST ever.Hence, the title “Start From Nowhere”. This is because I don’t know anything about blogging…nothing, zilch..but I do know that we can  just keep trying. That’s all we can do. May be someday I’ll learn , may be I won’t…may be someone will read this & hate it, may be they’ll like it….may be someone can relate to something in it….may be someone would find it completely absurd . But in all this “May Be’s” one thing I’m sure of is that I’m not gonna stop trying & expressing myself . ..

Starting from Nowhere…hopefully more people will join me in this journey …

Let the adventure begin…!!!


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